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Kiel (dpa) – Thanks to their excellent goalkeeper Andreas Wolf, the German handball players laid the foundation for the target World Cup ticket. DHB won the match 34:26 (17:11) in two playoff games against the Faroe Islands, the third highest international team.

When national coach Alfred Kislason returned to the hinge, TBV Lemco right-hander Lucas Gerbe was the top scorer with six goals. However, Wolf showed a very solid performance, he compensated for many of the mistakes made by those in front with strong savings. The second leg will take place on April 16 (20:00) in Dorshaven.

Wolf, was awake from the start

The DHB selection did not give a sovereign look to the 5121 audience in the North. Kislason has led THW Kiel to numerous successes here for eleven years, but he is still far from the big headlines with his DHB selection. Again, the favorite made technical mistakes in the attack. During the break, Icelander initially complained, “We’re making some mistakes.” But after that it didn’t get any better.

The home ball losses again called for the foreigner to make quick counter-attacks. The Farrow Islands did not tighten the game in the first half mainly due to Wolf. Unlike some of his teammates, the former keeper of THW Kiel was awake from the start and shone with some savings. In the second round, the spectators celebrated the expertise of the Polish club Viv Keels with some fanfare.

The DHB team did not find a sovereign game rhythm

The 31-year-old did not initially receive support from the defense in front of him. And Kislasan’s team struggled for two reasons: the highest error rate and the largest gap in defense. The fact that the lead was still somewhat comfortable at half-time was mainly due to the fact that the strength of the guests to go to the game further diminished.

“A six-goal lead at half-time is definitely something we’ve already signed up for,” DHB Sports Director Axel Cromer said at Sport 1 at half-time. But: “Our defense is not good, so we can be thankful that Andreas Wolf did a better job.”

Even after the break, the German team did not have a confident game. Some rocking candidates were not nominated for the World Cup in Poland and Sweden in January, and the defense center around captain Johannes Kola and Simon Ernst was shown ready for a match at the hinge. After all, the promising World Cup ticket is very close ahead of the second leg. However, for larger goals, DHB selection should be increased.

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