Home Top News Hamas Contemplates Three-Phase Gaza Truce Plan Amid Israeli Hardliner Warnings

Hamas Contemplates Three-Phase Gaza Truce Plan Amid Israeli Hardliner Warnings

Hamas Contemplates Three-Phase Gaza Truce Plan Amid Israeli Hardliner Warnings

Headline: Hamas Studies Three-Phase Truce Proposal for Gaza, Amid Political Turmoil in Israel

Gaza – Hamas, the Palestinian political and military organization, is currently reviewing a three-phase proposal for a truce in Gaza. The plan includes the release of hostages and prisoners, a critical point for Hamas. However, hardline members of the Israeli government have warned that any deal not to their liking could potentially collapse the coalition.

Hamas has expressed its willingness to engage in discussions regarding serious and practical initiatives that would lead to a comprehensive cessation of aggression. The proposed truce comprises three distinct phases.

In the first phase, there would be a temporary pause in fighting, accompanied by the release of elderly, civilian women, and children who are currently being held as hostages. This move aims to alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.

The second phase involves further confidence-building measures, such as the release of female Israeli soldiers held by Hamas. Additionally, there would be an increase in aid deliveries and utility services to Gaza, providing much-needed support to the enclave’s beleaguered population.

Finally, the third phase of the proposal would see the release of deceased Israeli troops’ bodies, facilitating their return to their families. In exchange, Hamas seeks the liberation of Palestinian prisoners currently held in Israeli jails.

The ultimate goal of this truce proposal is to put an end to the war and secure the release of male soldiers held captive in Gaza. In return, Hamas has indicated its readiness to free additional Palestinian prisoners.

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Recent meetings between intelligence officials from Egypt, Israel, and the United States have shown signs of progress regarding a possible agreement. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has firmly stated that Israel will continue its military operations in Gaza until it achieves “absolute victory” over Hamas. He has also ruled out the possibility of releasing thousands of Palestinian prisoners, underscoring the challenges on the path to a resolution.

Pressure has been mounting on Netanyahu to secure the release of the remaining captives held by Hamas. However, his hardline coalition partners have warned that making a deal with Hamas could potentially dismantle the government.

In light of the tense situation, the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is expected to visit Israel to discuss post-war scenarios in Gaza. The international community is closely watching this development, recognizing its significance in potentially bringing an end to the conflict.

Unfortunately, fighting has escalated in Gaza as the truce proposal began circulating, with heavy Israeli strikes and urban combat leading to further casualties. Amidst the chaos, Israel has accused around a dozen UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) staff members of participating in an attack. This accusation has caused key donor countries to suspend funding, which Hamas considers a violation of the International Court of Justice’s interim ruling.

As the situation unfolds, the world waits anxiously for progress in reaching a truce in Gaza, hoping for a resolution that would restore peace and stability to the war-torn region.


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