Meanwhile, it was finally announced that 22 women will fight for the heart of new Bachelor Dominic Stockman (29). Including Valeria Perez Cortez (22) – and she has an interesting background. The Mexican is paired with German actor Jörn Schlönvoigt (35) and usually takes care of his daughter Delia (4).

It is not known how the star of “GZSZ” takes this. Anyway, it seems that his wife Hanna Wiig (26 years old) was completely behind Valeria. On top of that, it looks like she can’t wait for the new “Bachelor” season to start. “Valeria is looking for great love! So sexy,” she writes of Valeria’s app video, which she shared on her Instagram story.

In the video above we show you how Jörn Schlönvoigt continues in “GZSZ”.

Jörn Schlönvoigt’s au pair eyes ‘The Bachelor’

Valeria also looks happy that she was finally able to announce the news: “Don’t miss it! There is a lot of tequila, party and love,” she wrote in her latest Instagram photo.

Did the 22-year-old get tips from Yorn and Hanna before participating in ‘The Bachelor’? After all, the model and actor has been in public for many years.

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