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On the 83rd anniversary of the Holocaust, the people of Hamburg today commemorate the slain Jews in their city with numerous events. Among other things, there is the “Grindle Lights” campaign again.

There will be a wake-up call with representatives of the Jewish community at Joseph-Carlebag-Platz in Grindelviertel at 3:30 p.m. This is where the National Socialists set fire to the Bornblots Chapel on November 9, 1938. Under the motto “Grindel lights up”, people in Grindelviertel and other parts of the city placed candles next to them. For disturbancesRefers to former Jewish settlers in front of houses.

The night of the massacre 83 years ago

On November 9, 1938, there were the National Socialists Churches across Germany were set on fire during the massacre. Many Jewish institutions in Hamburg were destroyed, including the Bornbloods synagogue in Joseph-Carlebag-Platz, near the university. The chapel was a symbol of Jewish life in Hanseatic until 1938, and is now being rebuilt.

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Burning synagogue at Perkstrass in Hanover on November 10, 1938.  © HAZ-Hauschild-Archiv, Historisches Museum Hannover.  Photo: Wilhelm Hauschild

November 9, 1938: Churches and Jewish shops in the north were burned down 83 years ago by order of the National Socialists. Further

Exhibition "What were they able to do?": Text panels and photographs of anti-government fighters under National Socialism.

3 min

The people of Berkdorf saw the exhibition “What Can They Do? Opposition to National Socialism 1939-1945”. 3 min

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