Green politician wants solar panels at Buckingham Palace

Charles III’s predictions. Big – also in the ranks of the greens. The newly appointed king must make a clear signal to protect the climate.

The leader of the Green Party parliamentary group in Baden-Württemberg, Andreas Schwartz, has Charles III. He called to become the “King of Climate Protection”. “Through Charles III, the royal family has a unique opportunity to usher the British monarchy into an era of climate protection,” Schwartz told T Online news portal.

“This year the Queen has already started outfitting her Scottish estate, Balmoral Castle, with photovoltaic systems. So why shouldn’t Charles continue building solar plants at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle?” “Glittering photovoltaic systems on royal roofs in the heart of London – it would be a powerful symbol of climate protection under the British Crown.”

Environmental thought leaders

Green politician Schwartz points to Charles’ past commitment. “As a prince, Charles was known to be a leader in environmental thought. He was ahead of his time. He advocated organic farming, stood behind young climate activists, and was frustrated that so little was happening in the field of climate protection,” Black said. “Now Charles III holds the scepter in his hand and can show the world that he is a true king of climate protection.”

Schwartz said he was convinced Charles had the courage to put these ideas into action. Even if climate protection is not easy under the current British government. Charles III was officially declared king on Saturday.

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