'Greatest of all time': Football legend Tom Brady resigns

“The greatest ever”
Football legend Tom Brady resigns

22 years in the NFL and seven wins in the Super Bowl are enough: Tom Brady, the most successful professional soccer player of all time, will turn his back on his sport. His last season ended in disappointment. One of the few with an amazing career.

It’s really over from what seemed like forever: Tom Brady will never be part of the NFL. The 44-year-old will announce his retirement from football, according to NFL insiders from US broadcaster ESPN, before other media outlets follow suit. After 22 seasons in the world’s greatest football league, seven Super Bowl wins for the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and untold stats that last forever, Brady will indeed retire into family life as the “Greatest Ever”.

The family is said to have played a crucial role in Brady’s decision, according to first reports. The football legend is married to model Gisele Bundchen and they have three children together. “It hurt when she saw me get beaten up there,” Brady said, according to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “She deserves what she needs from me as a husband and my children deserve me as a father.” Now he seems to have come to the conclusion that it is really time. Exactly 20 years after his first Super Bowl as a starting quarterback for the New England Patriots.

At 44, the measure of all things

In terms of sports, there was no reason to quit – on the contrary: “TB12” was also the measure of all things last regular season. Although he clearly missed his goal of leading the Bucs to their title defense, his 5,316 passing yards set a career new level even for the king of nearly all relevant quarterback stats. He leads the league with 43 touchdown passes and even an NFL record with 485 completed passes while leading the Bucs to the division title. However, his brilliant career ended in defeat: In the second round of the playoffs, he and his team, which had led him to the second Super Bowl in team history in 2020, lost seconds to the Los Angeles Rams after an impressive sprint to catch him. Even with a field goal in the end.

In a recent interview, Brady said he wasn’t interested in a farewell tour – returning for another season would have been. It’s very likely that the decision to say goodbye had already been made by the time the egg went through the bars and the end of the Bucs title dreams was sealed. Even if he’s no longer on the field in the future: Tom Brady has been part of the NFL forever. The three-time MVP is the NFL record-holder for completion, passing yardage and touchdown pass and has won five Super Bowl MVPs, plus all the post-season records a quarterback can set.

In Tampa they still have hope

A minor role, ESPN reports on unidentified sources, was said to have played into Brady’s decision that the Pirates were apparently planning to restructure the band. Apparently, the team leaders hoped to the end that Brady would once again support this project. After all, the 2019 quarterback personally arranged for wide receiver Antonio Brown and his favorite pass receiver from the very successful Patriots years to join the squad. Then they both played important roles on their way to the title, and Brady has proven that he can build a working team like an architect.

With focus and kind words, they wanted to convince the quarterback to play for another year, according to ESPN. Buccaneers coach, Bruce Ariane, told the Tampa Bay Times last Saturday that he was unaware of Brady’s decision to resign. “His agent just told us he hasn’t made up his mind yet.” However, the decision appears to have matured so far that there is now clarity: Tom Brady is beginning a new era in the league, which he has dominated for 20 years.

The league is already saying goodbye to the “goats”.

The NFL has already said goodbye to the most important player in the history of the league. The NFL tweeted “GOAT” (the greatest of all time) and the league homepage said, “TB12 leaves with a trophy bag full of trophies.” Many companions and opponents shared videos and photos of Brady’s exploits and paid tribute to the athlete and the people. New Generation star Patrick Mahomes has posted a goat, GOAT’s international social media icon – the greatest ever!

Official confirmation of his resignation by Brady himself is still pending. It is a matter of time and respect. “He has a lot of respect for the game and the organization in Tampa and everything they’ve done for him,” a source close to the quarterback told CBS. “He understands the impact this decision will have on the team’s progress and would never want to do anything that jeopardizes the importance of the qualifiers. Whatever he decides, I expect he will announce it soon.”

The announcement a week before the Super Bowl won’t be style, too much drama, will reduce its glamor and focus on Brady’s biggest singles sporting event on Earth to please Brady. He won’t wait until after the season to limit his team’s acting ability. It will be fast now. It would be a moment that officially ends an amazing era.


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