Home Top News Göring-Eckardt: “The whole store is clearly not ready”

Göring-Eckardt: “The whole store is clearly not ready”

Göring-Eckardt: “The whole store is clearly not ready”
Germany Goering-Eckardt to the Union

“The whole store is clearly not ready”

Deadline difficulties – what’s behind union hesitation?

The FDP wants to speak to the union on Saturday after another preliminary check with the Greens. But she is hesitant. What is behind the alleged scheduling difficulties? Follow all the developments live here.

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While the FDP is still waiting for the union to promise a date for the first talks, the Greens are speaking highly questionable tones about Jamaica. Catherine Goering Eckhardt wonders if the Federation is even capable of investigating.

NSGreen Party leader Catherine Goering Eckhardt has spoken clearly against Jamaica’s alliance with the Union. “I don’t see at the moment that a consortium can be considered appropriate for exploration, let alone as suitable for government,” she told Funk Media Group newspapers.

She always holds that no choice should be excluded from among the democratic parties. But when looking at the case of the CDU, she currently does not see how the alliance with the CDU and the CDU should go. “Obviously, the whole store is not set up for the post-Merkel period.”

An example is the FDP’s problem in obtaining an appointment from the CDU for exploratory talks. Secretary-General Volker Wessing announced Wednesday afternoon that the Liberals had accepted an offer from the union and had proposed next Saturday as a date – but had yet to receive confirmation.

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This was still the current situation on Wednesday evening. “The CDU has not yet agreed on a specific date to meet with us,” Wesing told ZDF. The appointment on Saturday cannot be made in the Federation. “Now you have to see exactly when that will be,” Wesing said. In the afternoon, when asked about the current stability of the union, he had already confirmed: one speaks openly with “parties” and not with “individuals”.

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