Motorsport – – Goodyear has a strong partnership with Jean Pierre Kraemer, JP Performance and JP Productions GmbH in Dortmund. The tire manufacturer, well-known auto tester, blogger, influencer and moderator continue their successful collaboration this year and are planning more joint projects and campaigns related to the group’s brands and products.

The collaboration includes, among other things, the regular testing of Goodyear and Dunlop products through their paces, for example in videos about the Sport Maxx Race series on the company’s test track in Mireval or about the Goodyear Super Sport series presented in 2019 at the Ascari Rice Resort .

But Goodyear is also on the Dortmund site: the buildings of the company JP Performances feature an amazing brand of tires, and project vehicles equipped with Goodyear and Dunlop products are regularly in the showroom – all of which attract the eyes of the many fans who make daily pilgrimages to their fetish.

“The partnership with Goodyear is fantastic,” says Jean-Pierre Kramer happily. “The quality of the products has convinced me for years and I am happy to contribute my experience and feedback to continually improve tires and innovations.”

One of the most eye-catching was the gorgeously beautiful Dunlop Art Car (quote from Kraemer) the elegant 1973 BMW E9 3.0 CSi with Dunlop Sport Classic tires. The classic car, wrapped in a unique retro design, has been offering fans a special brand experience since 2020, including classic motorsport events, vintage car gatherings, on social media platforms and in advertising campaigns such as Dunlop’s spring sale promotion. 2021, where you can win eye-catching for the weekend.

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Successful joint ventures are regularly documented on JP Performance’s YouTube channel. It is always enthusiastically viewed and commented on by over 2 million subscribers.

The successful collaboration began in 2013 when Jean-Pierre first visited the Hanau factory and turned it into a four-part series on YouTube about creating a frame. Several exciting campaigns followed, such as a major landmark project, Dunlop Art Car campaigns, or the JP Performance Tour, as well as raffles on JP Tuning in Consumer campaigns.


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