Home entertainment Goodbye smooth mane: Ann Minden now has curls!

Goodbye smooth mane: Ann Minden now has curls!

Goodbye smooth mane: Ann Minden now has curls!

It seems that it is time for a change! Actress Anne Menden (35) has been an integral part of the GZSZ family since 2004. In daily soaps the role of Emily Weidman, who can usually be seen with long, sleek hair. But that’s over now – both for and for Emily that, Because the 35-year-old is now showing off a new hairstyle: Instead of the usual smooth mane flashes that Now with curly hair!

On Instagram She released a video on Wednesday in which she filmed her gender change and later presented the final result with a smile. A short time later, a fitting GZSZ star shot finally appeared. Thank you under the reel that Also with a head makeup artist GZSZMarilyn Pucholat for “This Great Man”. The actress seems to be amazed at her design for the day of the shoot, because in her story she finds nothing but positive words for the changed appearance. “I am very in love,” you write here.

Your fans are over enthusiastic about this new hairstyle. Several users comment and flood the post that With compliments like “You’re So Beautiful” or “Wow, Just Awesome.” There are also some acting colleagues, like Thomas Drechsel (34 years old) Anees Gorgeous curls. The so-called GZSZ– Performing the head of their hair as a real “cracker”.

Ann Minden M May 2021
Ann Minden M May 2021
Anne Menden as Emily in “Good Times, Bad Times”
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