Giant goldfish: A British fisherman pulls a “carrot” ashore

Giant goldfish: A British fisherman pulls a “carrot” ashore

Giant carrot
A man catches a giant goldfish

Happiness in fishing varies from person to person. Some would probably be happy if they picked up anything at all. A Briton is now making world news with his fish. Because the “carrot” breaks the record.

When most people think of goldfish, they think of aquariums where the fish roam about or garden ponds where they make their runs. In France, however, the hunter has now landed on a specimen that far exceeds these expectations.

Bluewater Lakes reported on Facebook earlier this month that a goldfish had been caught there 33 kg is good brought to Libra. But only now is the news of the monster’s capture spreading. Accordingly, Briton Andy Hackett fished on a fish farm lake in the Grand Est region. It is a mixture of carp and koi, the British newspaper writes “daily Mail”.

It quoted the company’s manager as saying the fish was about 20 years old. The fish, known as the “carrot” because of its orange color, was released into the Bluewater lakes 20 years ago. Since then he has repeatedly evaded arrest attempts. Fisheries director Jason Cowler said the fish had continued to grow for 20 years. “But he doesn’t get out much.”

Shy and rarely seen

And this time, too, the “carrot” didn’t make it easy for Hackett. The newspaper reported that the man, from Kidderminster in Worcestershire, spent 25 minutes lowering the fish. The fish is said to be the second largest ever caught.

“I always knew the carrot was there, but I never thought I’d pick it,” Hackett, 42, said. It immediately became clear to him that he had a big fish on his hook. “Then I appeared 30 or 40 meters away and saw that they were orange.” He finally had the good fortune to catch the “carrot”. Hackett posed for a picture with his catch before re-releasing the orange giant. According to media reports, the Briton then celebrated his catch with a cup of tea.


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