Germany beat Switzerland in the penultimate European Championship test match

so It seems that Alfred Jeslason himself does not know where his national handball team will stand after winning the first European Championship Endurance Test. “I thought we did a good job overall,” the national team coach said on Friday in Mannheim after 30:26 (15:14) against Switzerland about star director Andy Schmid.

Jeslason also spoke on ARD about “two phases we didn’t play smoothly.” In addition, the Icelander complained of significant problems in defense. On the other hand, Jeslason tested all the players before the finals in Hungary and Slovakia and also tried several defensive formations and tactics.

Wolf at the King’s Gate

Thanks to the victory, his subjects at least gained confidence. The best kicker was left winger Marcel Schiller with seven goals. EM’s rehearsal against world and Olympic record champions France will take place in Wetzlar on Sunday, before the German team flies to Bratislava next Wednesday. Belarus, Austria and Poland will compete in the preliminary round.

The grueling training days at EM’s preparation camp in Großwallstadt were initially barely noticeable to the German team. The DHB team was fully awake from the start and set the pace for the game.

The defense was in good shape initially – he can also count on good-looking Andreas Wolff in goal. The 30-year-old, who missed the two international matches against Portugal in early November, showed a solid first-half performance and emphatically confirmed that he is number one among the publications.

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In the attack, many passed outside Marcel Schiller and Timo Kastening. With the exception of Sebastian Heymann, the back area was subjected to very little pressure. However, at 6:3 the DHB took the lead after ten minutes with three goals for the first time.

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