Gillian Pierre shows strong play in the 1st match in Engelberg. Victory for German player Karl Geiger.

Gillian Beer is about to soar again: 26-year-old Romant jumped to a strong 4th in front of a home crowd in Engelberg. After 1 of 2 jumps, Pierre was still on stage: he circled his best 138.5m set with a telemark and correspondingly good grades – Intermediate Rank 3.

It was a challenge for the beer as Japanese athlete Ryou Kobayashi descended in the second round with 140.5 meters and top marks. Switzerland’s 2nd set was also strong at 135.5 meters, but in the end 7 years was not enough for the 1st Swiss stage at Engelberg. In the final report, Bear was 5.6 points lower than 3rd place.


World Cup champion Carl Geiger, ranked No. 2 in the world, flew 140 meters and won the competition.

  1. Carl Geiger (GER)
  2. Ryou Kobayashi (JPN)
  3. Timmy Jazz (SLO)

The other is Swiss

Apart from Beer, 3 other Swiss players qualified for the second round – thus earning World Cup points. Simon Amman and Gregor Teshwandon finished the match in positions 26 and 27. Dominic Peter is 30 years old.

This is how it continues in Engelberg

On Sunday the world’s best ski jumpers will jump on the take-off again in Engelberg. Will Beer reach another stage at the foot of Titlis? How is the other Swiss? There are two answers in the SRF. You will be live from 3:50 p.m.

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