Cris Tales: The free update brings new dungeons, characters and story content to the game

Publisher Modus Games has announced that a free update is now available for Cris Tales, which brings new content to the game.

You can now download a free update for JRPG Cris Tales, which includes new dungeons and characters as well as new story content.

she says: Today’s update adds a bunch of new features to the game, including an all-new character, Adri, who uses her robotic techniques against anyone who gets in her way. In the dungeon also included in the update, she faces a completely new story and can prove her skills against special opponents.

Players can also test their skills in the new and improved Colosseum, where they compete against waves of increasingly powerful opponents. There are great rewards waiting for those who take on the challenge the most.

In addition to these innovations, the update adds additional content to Cris Tales. Fans should definitely check out the new ending, including an all-new cinematic scene. Additionally, load times on the Switch version of the game have been significantly reduced.”

This is a trailer introducing the new content:

about this connection You will be taken to the official page of the game.

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We think so:
Free content always works well. We hope the game will continue to be supported for some time.

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