Gaza Cease-Fire Resolution Vetoed at U.N.: Israel-Hamas War Live Updates

China and Russia Block US-Backed Resolution for Cease-Fire in Gaza at UN

In a recent development at the United Nations Security Council, China and Russia vetoed a U.S.-backed resolution calling for a cease-fire in Gaza. The resolution, which included strong language intended to pressure Israel not to attack the city of Rafah in Gaza, failed to pass despite receiving support from eleven other members of the council.

The U.S. ambassador defended the resolution, stating that it was brought forward after consulting with all council members. Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed disappointment at the resolution’s failure, emphasizing the importance of tying a cease-fire to the release of hostages in Gaza.

Russia’s ambassador denounced the U.S.-backed measure as a “hypocritical initiative” and urged council members to vote against it. In response, President Emmanuel Macron of France announced plans to work with Arab nations to persuade Russia and China to support a French resolution on the issue.

The United States has previously vetoed resolutions demanding a stop to fighting in Gaza, citing the need to protect hostage negotiations. As the death toll rises in Gaza, President Biden and U.S. officials have become increasingly critical of Israel’s handling of the conflict.

A delegation of mediators from Israel, Egypt, Qatar, and the United States are currently working on negotiations for the release of hostages in Gaza. Previous Security Council resolutions have called for humanitarian aid pauses in Gaza but have stopped short of demanding a cease-fire.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza continues to draw international attention and concern, as efforts to secure a cease-fire and humanitarian relief for the region face numerous obstacles. Stay tuned to Bio Prep Watch for further updates on this developing situation.

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