G7 Summit in Elma: Now guests are coming

G7 Summit in Elma: Now guests are coming

Status: 06/27/2022 05:00 am

Yesterday, the leaders of the G7 kept to themselves. Today they receive heads of government from other countries. The first Ukrainian president, Selensky, can be linked by video.

By Ivo Marusczyk, currently Elmau

The G7 heads of state stayed for a day in Schloss Elmau. On the second day, guests play.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky joined in the morning. Yesterday he had already made an urgent call for more military assistance from Western countries after hitting rockets in Kiev. “We need powerful air defense – modern, fully effective,” he said in his daily video speech at night.

Closed community against Putin

Later, the presidents of India, Indonesia, Argentina, South Africa and Senegal will join the summit. In other words, democracies that are not aligned with the G7 when it comes to sanctions against Russia, but they are economically important, or at least currently head the regional committees of the states. The hope behind it is to at least stop avoiding Western sanctions.

On the first day of the summit, President Olaf Scholes stressed that the G7 group opposed the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin as a closed community. US President Joe Biden has said that now is the time to make decisions: “What we are deciding now about the world’s energy needs, climate crisis or the spread of disease is, in my view, shaping the world from generation to generation.”

Eckhart Querner, SWR, on the second day of the G7 summit in Schloss Elmau

Tagesschau 09:00 am, 27.6.2022

Assistance to developing and developing countries

Yesterday, the G7 Group pledged to invest in infrastructure for emerging and developing countries – US President Biden talked about $ 600 billion. The main purpose is to counter China’s growing influence in the south of the world.

However, the plan comes too late for the current impending hunger crisis. The pledges of assistance of the G7 countries are expected today. There should be time to talk about climate protection, health and energy security.

G7 Summit in Schloss Elmau: Second day with guests

Ivo Marusczyk, BR, 6/26/2022 · 06:40 Uhr


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