Free time: Plants: This is how the primrose cup blooms for weeks

Its name says it all: the name Primrose is derived from Primus, the Latin word for the first. Spring plants bloom as early as the end of February winter in the garden or on a windowsill.

Primrose (Primula obconica) decorates the living space – and unlike many other species, it does so for weeks through summer. It originally comes from the mountainous regions of Southeast and East Asia. Therefore, the plant also loves a bright and cool location without direct sunlight, preferably in a north window. The colder it is, the longer it will bloom, the Essen Flower Board explains. Room temperature 10 to 20 degrees is good.

Gardeners who engage in a hobby should water them regularly with lukewarm, low-lime water and regularly so that the root ball does not dry out. Avoid waterlogging. Fertilize every two weeks between February and April, and this supports the plant’s flowering. In the summer, she can move in the fresh air. But since it’s not very hardy winters, he should be back home before the first fall frosts.

Primrose plants, of course, are also a garden thing. Various varieties – such as primula (Primula acaulis) and cowslip (Primula elatior) – can be grown in cold winter weather, but the ground should not be frozen. The North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture indicates this. At temperatures below 2 degrees, a few layers of newspaper should protect the flowers from the cold. Basically, however, plants can tolerate light frosts. (Dpa)

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