Free European Song Contest
Rhea Carvey snatches Ireland’s victory

Steven Kotzen and Consita Worst led the fun music evening again

Steven Kotzen and Consita Worst led the fun music evening again

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The second edition of “Free ESC” may not come as a surprise with the winner, but with the German translator: Helge Lindenberg!

For the second time, Stephen Rob, 54, called live from Cologne on Saturday evening (May 15) for the “Free European Song Contest”, but shone in the absence again. Initially, last year’s winner Nico Santos (28) was not allowed to sing, instead Helge Schneider (65) re-drilled his song “Forever at Home” from 2020. A song that still has a sad fit a year later.

In addition, this is Helge’s last appearance on television, as announced by Konchida Worst (32) on behalf of presenter colleague Steven Kotzen (48). The expected winner, Rhea Carvey (48), and the surprising participant in Germany – otherwise the sad start of a much happier show.

Is it as different as the original?

A total of 16 countries launched the unofficial ESC. With the exception of the German contribution, its interpreters were again kept a secret for a long time, as one, all the other participants were pre-determined. The show started with Milov (39) for Belgium, Monty Capristo (31) for Italy and Ben Dolik (24) for Slovenia. It will be clear later how big the musical range of the evening is. Turkey’s Elif (28) immediately followed the hit duo Fantasy for Poland. Behold, with abrupt style changes, a classic “ESC” mood really emerged.

Then there was Juan Daniel for Spain, Mighty Oaks for England, Jasmine Wagner (41) for Croatia and Danny Vera (43) for the Netherlands. The latter fingered the sausage with his soulful folk song. It was already believed on the internet that he had won hearts this time. The appearances of Soteria (34) for Greece, Matthias (22) for Austria and Rhea Carvey for Ireland are almost the same.

A star for Germany

The internationally acclaimed star started after Hooghly (33) from France. Amy McDonald (33) did corps for her home country of Scotland and accepted ten days of isolation for appearing in Cologne. Kotzen and Worst took their time until the last to reveal the German translator. The spectacular release took place shortly after Switzerland was represented by seven (42).

Fans of “TV Total” would have hoped that Stephen Rob would return to the show until the last second. The real representative of Germany was still a big surprise. According to Wurst and Kodgen, no one less than Woodo Lindenberg would compete with the song “Superhero Helge Schneider”. Then he was back on stage, Mr. Helge Schneider – what about the last TV appearance … He praised himself with the best Lindenberg hue, thus being allowed to represent his country for the second time in a row. No one really expected it.

Joy and sorrow are very close

Even at a fun event like “Free ESC” there are obvious winners and losers. It was initially clear that Jasmine Wagner, Fantasy or Ben Dolik, for example, had nothing to do with success. In fact, Wagner had to settle for Croatia in the last place. Finally he was determined, the best winner of the evening. With 116 points, Rhea Carvey eventually won in Ireland, while Danny Vera, who won the hearts of the Netherlands, actually finished second, while Milov won bronze for Belgium.


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