France cancels broadcast licensing fees


Citizens of France will save 138 euros a year in the future: because the broadcasting fee is history.

The French Parliament decided to abolish broadcasting fees. On Thursday evening, the Senate approved the corresponding legislative proposal for the supplemental budget. In the afternoon, the National Assembly, as the second chamber of Parliament, had already approved it.

In the future, public broadcasting will be financed, among other things, through a portion of the value-added tax – but only until the end of 2024. For the period after that, the government will then have to introduce a separate financing scheme.

So far 138 euros per year

Radio licensing fees in France are currently €138 per year. It is due to all families who own a TV. President Emmanuel Macron announced the abolition of the fee during the election campaign. He wanted to counteract the rising cost of living.

With the adoption of the supplementary budget by Parliament, almost ten billion euros have also been secured, with which the French state wants to fully nationalize the debt-laden energy giant EDF again – among other things, to proceed with nuclear expansion.


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