“Focus on one job”: Mathes could not understand Ranknick’s dual role

On Friday, the Austrian Football Association presented Ralph Ranknick as the successor to retired national coach Franco Foda. The 63-year-old has signed a contract in Austria until 2024, which will automatically be extended for another two years if he successfully qualifies for the 2024 European Championships in Germany. The German coach is currently the interim coach at Manchester United, but will be replaced by Eric Den Hawk at the end of the season.


However, the deal with ÖFB did not mean a final farewell to Manchester. As determined before the engagement in the UK, Rangnick will be the current Schedule 6 consultant for the next two years. Working in the Premier League – at the same time his new job as the national coach of Austria. In the future, he will be on the United team six days a month.

Former German international Lothar Mathews has now criticized Ranknick’s new dual role. In conversation with The sky He said: “First of all, I do not think it’s good for you to do two jobs. Even Ralph Ranknick, whom I appreciate as an expert, should focus on one job.” Man United legend Gary Neville responded Friday night without understanding the developments surrounding the UEFA Pro license holder.

Matthäus added: “I would not have done it as an Austrian now. They had other options, they were national candidates on the list.” “But,” the 61-year-old said The skyThe expert said, “If he can compromise – if Austria agrees – then I do not want to go that route.”


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