Flexible charging program now also for commercial properties and multi-storey car parks

According to a survey conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute, in addition to private charging stations at home, charging options on company premises or in commercial parks and in multi-storey car parks are the most important and most frequently used charging sites. Due to the rapidly growing demand, the charging infrastructure in commercial real estate is of particular importance. Reev now also offers its own smart charging program for commercial properties and multi-storey car parks. The company provides buildings with electric mobility for both existing and new buildings, and therefore is targeting project developers, asset managers, property developers, facility managers, parking space operators as well as commercial renters who want to electric their vehicles in the future. »The creation of freight options in malls makes a significant contribution to the national expansion of charging infrastructure and provides economic benefits to owners. The demand for freight infrastructure is constantly increasing, which has made it a critical quality and competitive advantage in commercial space marketing“, So Edward SchlotiusVon Reeve, CEO.

Commercial real estate certified

The buildings have received the REEV E-Mobility Readiness Certificate, are pre-equipped for electric mobility and thus meet all legal requirements of GEIG (Building Electric Mobility Infrastructure Act). A prerequisite for certification is the installation of the reev base, the technical room’s electronic mobility center, designed for at least 50% of the existing parking spaces. In addition, the corresponding electrotechnical expansion stages, the so-called reev expansions, come from the technical room. Charging stations, reev boxes, and mounts can then be connected to the lines – and also at a later time, if necessary. The eMobility Certificate and Seal are awarded to existing and new buildings.

Modular structure, various application possibilities

Reev software has been specifically developed for complex freight situations – and is therefore suitable not only for commercial properties but also for businesses, the hospitality sector and residential properties. With it, the charging infrastructure can be operated as efficiently and economically as possible and the requirements of all users – such as tenants or customers – can be met. Using the cloud software, charging stations can be controlled online and different user groups can be managed. By flexibly selecting individual tariff options, the operator of charging stations can charge different user groups at self-determined rates. This covers the operating costs of the charging infrastructure and balances the overall investment. Anyone wishing to hand over the management of the freight infrastructure can have the freight infrastructure managed and controlled by the reev at an offshore company.

As the need for charging stations continues to grow, the charging infrastructure with REEV can be expanded at any time in a modular and cost-effective manner. Possible future stages of expansion are already being considered during installation. It is also possible to install an intelligent energy management system that distributes the available energy to charging points as needed, taking into account the burden of the building.



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