Host Natalie in her kitchen preparing food on the first day of the perfect dinner in Düsseldorf (TV broadcast: 27 June 2022).

Host Natalie is in charge of the food on the first day of the perfect dinner in Düsseldorf (TV broadcast: 27 June 2022).

Host Natalie describes herself as a “fatally enthusiastic” to her guests on the first day of the “Das Perfect Dinner” in Düsseldorf – they immediately took the pressure off her shoulders.

In her hometown of Düsseldorf, project manager Natalie (29 years old) is organized in the kitchen: “I’m always well prepared – and then it escalates.” I hope it’s not in the evening when everyone is so nervous anyway, because no one knows who you are going to spend the next five evenings with. To kick off an exciting “Perfect Dinner” week, Natalie created a warm slogan: “When Strangers Become Friends.” This combination should work with the following dishes:

  • Appetizers: Filled: Fig / Goat / Serrano
  • Main course: Delicious from the pasture: sweet potato tree cake
  • Dessert: Crispy hazelnut/warm plum

Julia, 25, was immediately relieved: “Oh, I think the logo is beautiful.” Sarah (33) and Mark (38), who had just met for the first time during the interview and immediately like each other, sigh: “Like us!”

Jürgen does not like thick dough: ‘There was a lot to chew on’

“I am so excited,” Natalie greets the four strangers in her apartment, who we hope will soon become friends. Mark promises: “We’ll make it easy for you.” The openness of the hostess was well received. “Natalie was amazing. Absolutely authentic,” collects sympathy points from Sarah. Natalie returns the emotion: “They’re all so cute.”

They serve stuffed dumplings as an appetizer. “My assumption was completely wrong,” says Julia, who, along with Jurgen, 37, thought everything was wrapped in ham. Pescetarian Sarah loves her vegan version without Serrano very much. Jürgen approaches the food analytically: “The dough is too thick for these little pouches. There was really a lot to chew on. But it’s exciting otherwise.”

Mark commends Natalie’s time management

Shortly thereafter, veal cheeks, potato tree cake, and honey carrots are placed on the table. “Natalie is good on time. 8.40pm is perfect,” Mark praises his hostess. Sarah gets fish instead of cheeks, but she would have liked a little more spice. Miss Julia Baumkuchen. Jürgen wasn’t entirely satisfied with the main course either: “I must make some concessions. The veal cheeks were still a bit tough.”

Only now Natalie realizes the state of her kitchen: “It never looked like this during a cooking test. I don’t know where there is a place for dessert.” So she rinses first.

Steamed Mini Noodles “Very cool idea”

Then decorate the dishes with walnut ice cream, whiskey, steamed dumplings and plum compote. “It turned out to be surprisingly good,” Natalie says, praising the homemade gelato. “Ice cream is my vice,” Jürgen admits and hits the nail in the head. “Very cool ice cream.” He thinks small steamed noodles are a “very cool idea”. Julia likes the general concept: “I loved everything about the dessert. It was great.”

Natalie’s summary of the opening night: “Do you know that when you have a really great first date and then you think can it still be like that? That’s how you feel today.” Guests respond with an “Awww” touch. Natalie achieved her logo with flying colors. “Very friendly hostess. Really very good dishes. Respect”, Jürgen feels he is in good hands. There are 31 points for this. (the classroom)


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