Hamburg – This year will be quieter than usual.Reason: Ban on the sale of fireworks, rockets. But what bothers many is a blessing to the animals in nature. BILD says which animals are particularly affected by noise and why silence is good for you.

Jennifer Calvi of the German Wildlife Foundation: “It’s fun to celebrate the New Year without fireworks when you think of animals.” Increases respiration and should increase the metabolism of animals. “It uses the vital energy that animals need for cooling. Winter,” Calvi said.

Ducks and other birds

Ducks, which typically fly at altitudes of up to 100 meters, can climb up to 1000 meters in a panic rocket attack, according to a study by the University of Amsterdam. On New Year’s Day thousands of everyday birds fly from their roosters to quickly escape from the fireworks and rocket shots. When they escape, they lose their suspicions and after a few more days skip their traditional food sites. Birds often collide with glass and the facade of the house as they run.

The squirrels that live in the city are startled by noise

The squirrels that live in the city are startled by noisePhoto: Felix Castle / dpa


Squirrels, which keep their nests high in the trees and are dormant in winter, are also frightened by noise. From year to year, squirrel emergency assistance records dead squirrels that have suffered a heart attack as a result of disturbed animals or bangs.

Noise and noise will keep hedgehogs awake

Noise and noise will keep hedgehogs awakeImage: Image Alliance / dpa

Hedgehogs and other winter sleepers

Wild animals – such as hedgehogs – can even be awakened from their slumber. As they crawl out of hiding, they also breathe a lot of fine dust: about 2050 tons of dust fly through the air each year in Germany, burning most of it on New Year’s Eve.


And for the most sensitive ears of most wildlife, Chinese bullets and whistle rockets are tortured. “A fox hunted by a rat will hear its prey under a blanket of snow – these sounds range from 10 to 15 decibels.

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