Fire in Mallorca: Arrest of Munster Bowling Club

Fire in Mallorca: Arrest of Munster Bowling Club
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Near Ballerman
The “Why Not” restaurant near Ballerman caught fire. Police have arrested 13 German holidaymakers in Mallorca because they are said to have been on fire. © 5vision / dpa

Thirteen people from North Rhine-Westphalia were arrested in Mallorca. Members of the Munster-based bowling club were charged with arson. There is a risk of long-term imprisonment.

Palma / Munster – Deliberate arson, imprisonment for up to six years: 13 German vacationers arrested in Mallorca. They reportedly set fire to the “Why Not” restaurant near Ballerman. The roof caught fire on Friday afternoon. A lot of damage was done. 2 of them sustained minor injuries Mallorca Zeitung (MZ) Wrote.

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Fire in Mallorca: Arrest of Munster Bowling Club – Risk of long imprisonment

The youths, aged between 24 and 40, are currently in custody in Mallorca. MZ says they should come from Münster and be members of a bowling club. They arrived at the hotel in the arena on Friday morning in Playa de Palma and wanted to leave on Monday.

According to MZ, they made a lap on arrival and returned to the hotel drunk at 2pm. They would have had their rooms on the second and third floors and continued to party on the balconies. If so it must have come to a catastrophic event.

Fire at Mallorca restaurant – fire?

A fire broke out in a restaurant next door at 3.20pm yesterday. The same afternoon the handcuffs were clicked – 13 youths from Munster were arrested. Citing Spain’s Mediterranean island judiciary, the trial judge in charge of Palma ordered the detention of tourists without the right to bail, according to regional media on Saturday evening.

But what happened between the return of the youth and the devastating fire? Germans have accused him of throwing cigarette butts and pouring wine on the terrace of a restaurant on the balcony. The reed roof caught fire, according to media reports, and the flames damaged the restaurant and another, as well as an apartment and hotel.

According to German homeowner Alice Klotz, the property damage was about 150,000 euros. The media reported that two people were slightly injured. Other buildings are believed to have been damaged as well.

Fire in Mallorca: NRW men face lengthy prison sentences

Spanish prosecutors on Monday said vacationers on the Spanish Mediterranean island could face up to one to three years in prison if convicted of negligent arson against men from North Rhine-Westphalia. German Press Company Explained.

In case of intentional arson, the sentence is up to six years imprisonment. Also, if the court considers that human lives are in danger, the verdict will be even sharper.

Unload Mallorca Zeitung Spoke to a woman who knew the group well. Accordingly, men should be “decent boys”, many of whom are members of the volunteer fire brigade. And as far as they know none of them smoke.

The descriptions of the residents of Mallorca sound different. A neighbor told MZ that tourists were pouring beer down the street from the balcony. When the fire broke out, the individuals filmed the fire on their cell phones, screaming and laughing. (With DPA subject)


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