Putin himself has received only two phone calls since, and his public appearances each week are said to be outdated recordings. “We look forward to seeing half of Putin’s body on display to the public so that even the last people in the Russian government can understand who is making the decisions and who is responsible for the situation in the country,” he added. Without Putin’s authority, elites could reject Patrushev’s decisions and “everything could quickly descend into a political crisis,” according to “SVR-General”. Without Putin, the Putin regime is formless bullshit.

Putin reportedly needed urgent surgery

According to the “SVR-General”, the background to Putin’s disappearance is an operation that took place on the night of May 17, to which “the head of the Kremlin must undergo as soon as possible” at the insistence of his doctors. The SVR-General did not comment on the nature of the interference, but three days later Putin was said to be too weak to attend Security Council meetings. On the night of May 21, his condition deteriorated again and stabilized only the next morning.

In fact, the last public appearance of Putin that can be taken for granted was on May 16, that is, the day before the alleged operation. On that day, Putin received the heads of state and government of the former Soviet republics in Moscow. In the meeting with Tajikistan’s ruler Emomali Rahman, Putin drew attention with apparently strong movements of his left foot, fueling speculation about the possibility of Parkinson’s disease. (Watch the scene in the video above or here.) The Kremlin already rejected this rumor in the fall of 2020.


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“The system will collapse, but it will not go.”

But will Putin’s end as head of the Kremlin be the beginning of a democratic Russia? Intelligence agent Richard Dearlove is skeptical: “There are no plans for an orderly transition of power in Russia. This system will collapse in the next year or two, but it will not disappear.”


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