Federal President congratulates Ruth Maria Kubitschek on her 90th birthday.

“Monaco Franze” and “Kir Royal”

Ruth Maria Kubitschek associates her most famous role with Munich. In 1983, the series “Monaco Franze” directed by Helmut Dietl, which later became a religious sect, began, where Kubitschek took the role of Annette von Söttingen, antiques dealer and wife of Franz Münchinger in Munich, played by Helmut Fischer. He’s a melancholy boyish inspector, always on the lookout for affairs, she’s the lady of a better society: Kubitschek and Fisher play the tensions between these two worlds with wit and style, light, persuasive, carefully exaggerated, but not as relationship drama.

With his portrayal of the tabloid publisher, Kubitschek had a huge share in the success of the 1985 series Ker Royal, in which the Munich audience was criticized, and Dietl also directed it. I’ve seen them in “Traumschiff” as well as in “Tatort” or “Das Erbe der Guldenburgs”, one of the most successful family series on German TV, and in many films.

In addition to acting, Kubitschek devoted herself to painting and writing in her later years, and also designed her “Aphrodite Garden” on Lake Constance. Located on the Swiss side in Salenstein is a 4,000 square meter estate made by Kubitschek and his friend in a place with goddess sculptures. Kubitschek has lived on Lake Constance for many years.

Grandezza and restraint

In addition to Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, his companions and friends praised the artist before her special day: Actress Michaela had remembered filming together in 1987: “Until then, she was a great lady to me with great grandeur, but with soft, delicate tones and a noticeable reluctance in this noisy circus Often for an acting career.” Kubitschek “remains a role model” for them. Director Michael Verhoeven had a brief and respectful message: “Congratulations and admiration.”

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