The FDP Parliamentary Committee is reshuffling its leadership. Party leader Christian Lindner, who has so far chaired a parliamentary committee and will soon become federal finance minister, proposed his successor, Christian Durai MPs, on Thursday. The finance and budget politician was previously the deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee and a member of the party’s federal executive committee. The 44-year-old graduate economist from Kanderkesi, Lower Saxony, moved to Bundestock in 2017. Prior to that, he was a member of the state parliament in Hanover from 2003 and chaired the parliamentary committee there from 2009 to 2017.

Tour said Thursday that parliament is “very important in these times.” He is highly respected by MPs and has a good relationship with the party leader. Among other things, Lindner Dürr proposed to prevent money laundering and to restructure the Special Customs Division under the Ministry of Finance.

Dürr nominates Johannes Vogel as the new first Parliamentary Executive Director. Marco Bushman, 39, succeeds Federal Justice. Vogel, who grew up in Vermelskirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia, was three years his senior, like his party leader; Both graduated from high school in the same high school. Vocal joined the Young Liberals in 1998 and joined the FDP a year later. He became president in July 2005, and four years later he moved to Bundestock. However, the timing was right, as Vocal arrived in Berlin during the legislature, which eventually withdrew from the FDP Bundestock. As chairman of the Wuppertal-Solingen employment agency he spent time in extra-parliamentary protest. Lindner, then the newly elected party leader, joined the group around him to rebuild the party.

233rd Bundestack Session and Current Discussion, June 10, 2021, Berlin, Portrait of Pettina Stark-Watsinger d.

Their parliamentary secretaries of state have also been elected: Future Education Minister Pettina Stark-Watsinger

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When the FDP returned to the bandwagon in 2017, Vogel was there again. His specialties: work and leisure. For the past four years he has been engaged in a verbal feud with the Social Democratic Union Labor Minister, Hubertus Heil; In fact, the two compliment each other. In general, Vocal, who has been the party’s vice president since May, has earned a reputation in parliament beyond his parliamentary committee.

Following the appointment of FDP ministers from last week, parliamentary secretaries of state have also been appointed. Former parliamentarian Florian Doncarr follows Lindner in the finance ministry, as did Katja Kessel, who was secretary of state in the Bavarian state ministry for economic affairs from 2008 to 2013.

Michael Dூரrer, who has until now been Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, will be Secretary of State for Parliament in Volker Wissing’s Ministry of Transport. Two transport politicians Daniela Clarkard and Oliver Luxic also land there. In the Ministry of Justice, Benjamin Strauss became Secretary of State for Parliament. MPs Jens Brandenburg, education politician and Thomas Sattelberger have been nominated for Betina Stark-Watzinger’s Ministry of Education. Sattelberger was previously chief human resources officer at Telecom and has been a research politician at the Bundestag since 2017. Tarin’s future spouse has not yet been determined. The full parliamentary committee executive committee is due to be elected on December 7.

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