FC Schalke 04: Former coach with harsh criticism over coach change

FC Schalke 04: Former coach criticizes Gramosci’s dismissal and questions Pascal’s decision

FC Schalke 04: This is the Royal Blue team of the century

FC Schalke 04: This is the Royal Blue team of the century

In the early 2000s, FC Schalke 04 allowed its fans to vote for the club’s team of the century. Nappen supporters selected the best players from the club’s 96 years of history. We introduce each of you.

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He FC Schalke04 Have you made the right decisions in the last few days?

The club split with coach Dimitrios Grammosis on Sunday. Schalke04 Hansa drew the after-effects after a bitter 3: 4 against Rostock, which increased the gap for promotion places to six points.

FC Schalke 04: Review of Coach Change

A day later, Schalke offered Mike Buscans an interim solution as coach. S04 Legend should watch over the team until the end of the season and take them back to the path of victory.

Schalke fans are now asking themselves: Are these results correct? The former Royal Blues coach is skeptical.

“What happened now is actionism,” says Peter Neuer in Sport 1 talk “Topball”: “Activism I Can’t Understand.”

FC Schalke 04: Neuror can not understand the results

The former coach of FC Schalke 04 continues: “Of course there is no new inspiration.

Not only did he criticize the removal of the neuroscientist Gramosis, he also questioned FC Schalke’s decision to make Buscans the coach. “This is definitely an emergency solution because Schalke is in trouble,” the 66-year-old said. ‚ÄúSchalke 04 should have scored points now to reach their promotion goal. The coach has been fired. True or false, I’m leaving it at that. “


Schalke 04: Important message


FC Schalke 04 Visit Ingolstadt

The neuron considers the time to change the trainer to be the most optimal. “Because now the newcomer has no chance of bringing new talent to the team,” says the former Bundesliga coach.

The inspiration that FC Schalke 04 can actually set with a change of coach will be shown for the first time next Sunday. Then guests at the Royal Blues Ingolstadt. (I.e.)


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