Denis Munding was a candidate for “Bauer sucht Frau” in 2020. Bild: screesnhot

After a photo of the son: ‘Farmer is looking for a wife’ filter sparks panic on Instagram

In “Bauer sucht Frau,” Dennis Munding searched for the big love of 2020 – and she finally found it. With candidate Nils, who had already sent her home as the first of the three candidates, she finally met. They are now engaged and live together on a farm.

However, the farmer usually does not reveal much about her private life. On Instagram, she only appears with her loved ones every now and then. This regularly creates speculation about the state of their relationship. Now, though, she’s been given a very private look at her family life – but the comments of some followers left Denise speechless after that.

Over the weekend, she shared a photo of her and her son. The boy celebrated Communion and Dennis was by his side on this special day. Many followers may not be aware of the fact that the farmer has a son, as the boy does not play a role on social media. The many comments below the photo were even more intriguing and intriguing.

Candidate “Bauer Mitt Frau” rages against his followers

And while some followers were delighted with the mother-and-son shot, others were upset. Denise has now blew up the collar on her Instagram story. “First of all, a big thank you to so many people for congratulating my son on Communion,” it began and then became clear:

Dennis Munding made an important appeal to her followers. Bild: screesnhot

Denise was visibly shocked by the reactions, and at the end said, “The best thing is that I don’t post anything anymore, then you can’t give any more bullshit.”

Dennis Munding with an important plea

She further stated that she did not want her son to appear in public. Somewhat OK, eg on a day like company. “I just want to stick to something like that for myself,” said the farmer, and continued: “But everything else is none of your business. Please don’t get mad at me. I just don’t want anyone to know what his name is, how old he is, and where he came from. I just don’t want which-that.” Only your followers should understand that.

Everyone will have the right to privacy, regardless of whether they are located or are in a public place. Dennis’ urgent appeal at the end: “We also have a private life, please respect that. I don’t want him to be in public like that.”


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