Farewell to Spider-Man?
Tom Holland is thinking about leisure time

It was announced in 2015 that Tom Holland would play Spider-Man.

It was announced in 2015 that Tom Holland would play Spider-Man.

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Tom Holland cheers it on when it comes to Spider-Man. He has just announced his resignation in an interview.

Will Tom Holland (25) ignore Spider-Man? In the new issue of “People” magazine The actor explains about the recent film “Spider-Man: No Way Home”: “I loved every minute. I’m so grateful to Marvel and Sony for giving us the opportunity to create our characters. It was incredible.” So, he did not want to say goodbye to Spider-Man – “but I have a feeling that we are ready to say goodbye to Spider-Man”.

After him, Andrew Garfield (38) and Toby Maguire (46) played superheroes, it was time for a change. “I think it would be nice if Spider-Man had a different future. Maybe it’s Spider Gwen or Spider Woman. The three of us were the same. It’s nice to see something different.”

Hollande, who starred in “Unsorted” in 2022, will soon star in a biography as Fred Astier (1899-1987), saying he has been focusing on his life for the past six years. “I want to retire and focus on raising a family and finding out what I want to do outside of this world.” He loves children and “can’t wait to become a father,” said Britain, who is dating colleague Gentia, 25.

New “Spider-Man” trilogy?

It was recently announced that another “Spider-Man” trilogy is planned with Tom Holland. “This is not the last film we will make with Marvel. [dies ist nicht] Producer Amy Pascal, 63, said in an interview with Fondango, the last Spider-Man film, “We’re getting ready for the next Spider-Man film with Tom Holland and Marvel,” Pascal said of the three films in the current series. Now we are going to do the next three. This will not be the last of our MCU films.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” is set to release in theaters on December 16th. In addition to Holland, there are Gentia, Jacob Badlon (25), Benedict Cumberbatch (45), John Fawrow (55) and Marisa Domi (57).


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