Fans celebrate Daniela Katzenberger for taking an honest photo of cellulite

The reality TV actress posts an untouched photo in the pool and shows her that it’s not exactly smooth. Daniela Katzenberger received a lot of encouragement for this original recording.

Photo series with 17 photos

Now Daniela Katzenberger is a star not only on television, but also on social media. The 34-year-old is followed by 2 million proud people on Instagram. They love cats above all for their sincere and original nature.

So she regularly shows herself without makeup or with disheveled hair after waking up. Even supposed blemishes are not dealt with in Daniela, as she proved in her latest post. She shares a photo of her in a bikini and openly showing cellulite.

“I love orange peel,” she writes of the photo, in which she is conveniently lying on an orange slice-shaped air mattress, adding the laughing emoji. Fans are so excited about honesty that, in just a few hours, more than 70,000 have clicked ‘like’.

“Thank you for being a role model”

In over 1,200 comments, Daniela has been showered with compliments and praise. One user writes: “We love you for your originality.” Another follower says: “Nothing filtered on Instagram, that’s exactly what it looks like and I think that’s cool.” “Thank you for being a role model,” is another comment that many would agree with.

Daniela has already proven a few weeks ago that she eats the orange peel with a sense of humor. At the time, she wrote about a bikini photo: “As long as I can’t move a watermelon in cellulite, it’s all right” and added the hashtag “Photoshop, stay tuned.”

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