Extreme desert heat in Europe?  The expert now warns of renewed storms in Germany

In some European countries, the Sahara desert heat threatens with up to 45 degrees. For Germany, the weather forecast predicts bad weather this coming weekend.

Kassel / Wiesbaden – For large parts of Germany anything but early summer is expected until August. Rather than hot days of the year, so-called dog days, according to meteorologists, tend to bring April weather to the area as well. Castle* It can be north of Hess Showers, heavy clouds, winds and thunderstorms up, plus temperatures around 20 degrees.

looks so different weather* In other parts of Europe, where the air, especially in the south of the Sahara, continues to generate extreme heat: Maximum values ​​for Sicily, southern Italy, Greece and Turkey Meteorologist Dominic Young stated in his forecast from Friday (07/30/2021). 40 to 45 degrees in the future: “The record for Europe is 48.0 degrees. It was measured in Greece in 1977,” Young said.

However, it is doubtful whether the heat of the next few days can break this record. In Turkey, violent forest fires have been raging in the area around Antalya since this week.

A heat wave is currently rolling in in Europe. In Germany, a meteorologist warns that storms will occur again.

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The weather goes crazy: Snow in Brazil and other storms in Central Europe

as well as in First week of August According to expert Jung, the weather in Germany will be variable all the time. In parts of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, heavy rain may fall again.

On Saturday afternoons and Fridays, Jung expects to be Southern Germany More thunderstorms and heavy rain, I It is said that the north is partly windy Become. The weather is still erratic on Sundays as well.

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Meanwhile, the weather is also getting crazy in the rest of the world. Parts of Canada and the United States have been in the past few weeks Record temperatures over 40°C By analogy, in tropical South America, it is now snowing even at lower altitudes. In southern Brazil, according to weather expert Jung, maximum temperature values ​​are currently 15-20 degrees lower than values ​​otherwise measured during this time of year. (ska) * hna.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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