Experienced before the last international match: How Giorgio Chiellini designed an era in the Italian national team

There again, that wide laugh. When Giorgio Chiellini talks about leaving the Italian national team, depression or even tragedy is far from over. Before his last international match on Wednesday evening (8.45pm, live), the tough defender said his career was “unthinkable”. DAZN [Anzeige]), The “finalism” between European champions Italy and South American champions Argentina at Wembley Stadium in London. Where Siellini lifted the European Championship trophy almost a year ago in the night sky, an extraordinary life is now coming to an end.


“I have fulfilled my biggest dream,” the 37-year-old told his international news conference this week. Of course he was bright, this angular defender had a nose, a three-day beard and a cheerful disposition – but rarely was there anything to laugh at the opponent. Lionel Messi’s delightful clash with Argentina is Siellini’s 117th cap. He made his debut with Assouri almost two decades later.

The Pisa-born footballer came to Italian record champions Juventus Turin in 2005 via AS Livorno and AC Florence, where he shaped an era in 17 years – including nine championship titles and five trophy victories.

World Cup in history books – and without title

This was not enough for the big wins: the Turin team lost in the final The Squadron Azura of the Champions League, World’s Chile were disappointing in 2010 and 2014. Nevertheless, in the history books of the tournament in Brazil, the defender is immortal, that is, the victim of the bite of Uruguayan star Luis Suarez – even Chillini stopped laughing at that insane moment. In 2018 and now in 2022, Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup. “Of course I wanted to rewrite my history at the World Championships, but unfortunately it didn’t pay off,” Chillini said.

But he was not bitter, no. “I believe in fate,” said the family man, who, above all, gave him the magical nights of EM 2021 “Nottie Magic”. After Italy’s exit from the final in 2012 and the quarterfinals in 2016, there was a big happy ending at Wembley in 2021.

Despite this success, Siallini would certainly have gone on a football retirement with satisfaction and happiness. During his career, he learned to recognize his work as a great privilege. It has not been decided what he will do after leaving the national team and Juventus. He will be dragged a little further for the extra time of his active life, the American MLS said. However, a visit to Disneyland with two daughters is on the agenda for the first time since “Finalism”.

A big brother on and off the field

“We will miss him on and off the field,” said his EURO captain ‘s goalkeeper Gianluigi Donorumma. “He is a reference point for all footballers in Italy and around the world, especially young players.” Chillini saw himself as a motivator and “big brother”, and his accessible and loving nature set him apart.

Of course, the opponent did not always like it: when Sillini teased Jordi Alba in the semi-finals of the European Championship before the penalty shoot-out, he stabbed him and then pushed him to the point of hug, the Spain captain returned, apparently irritated.

“It’s not a trick. I enjoy every moment,” Chillini said. He will do the same against Argentina at Wembley. “I always wanted to finish at the highest level,” he said. “Now I’ve done it.”


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