This comes from the preliminary forecast provided by the Statistics Department to the Ministry of Agriculture in Paris (Agristi) on Friday (6/8).

According to the current state, statisticians expect a total of 32.6 million hectoliters to 35.6 million hectoliters of wine; That would be between 24% and 30% less than in the previous year. According to the current situation, the average for the years 2016 to 2020 will miss 19% to 26%.

According to Agreste, this year’s wine production will reduce the historical lows of 2017 and 1991 and is expected to reach around the 1977 level; At that time, frost and summer rains significantly reduced production. This year, according to the statistical agency, things turned out similarly.

Almost all grape-growing regions were affected by frost in April. The buds of early grape varieties suffered in particular. In the center of the country, in the southwest, as well as in Provence and the Rhone Valley, according to Agreste, the weather was cool or wet when the vines were in bloom.

As a result, the flowers and berries were dropped and the growth of fruits stopped. In addition, the combination of vigorous growth and wet weather has led to the emergence of diseases since the beginning of summer. Depending on the region, the pressure from various fungal diseases is high.


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