Exciting news: Miniplayer now available on Spotify desktop

Spotify has introduced a new Miniplayer feature to its desktop app, offering quick playback access for users. The resizable floating window allows Premium subscribers to control audio, change tracks, pick playlists, and adjust volume with ease.

To launch the Miniplayer, users simply click on a square located on the lower right side of the app. They have the option to resize the Miniplayer for a square aspect ratio or minimal bar display, depending on their preferences. This feature eliminates the need for third-party apps that previously provided similar functions.

Although Apple Music has had a similar Miniplayer for macOS and Windows users for a while now, Spotify has taken its time introducing this feature despite user requests dating back to 2019. Currently, the Miniplayer is only available to Premium subscribers, but there is potential for it to be offered to free plan users in the future.

This addition to Spotify’s desktop app aims to enhance the user experience and make playback control more convenient. By listening to user feedback and staying up to date with industry trends, Spotify continues to innovate and improve its platform for music lovers around the world.

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