Everyone delivers, except for us: Embarrassment of German tanks in Ukraine - politics abroad

The situation in eastern Ukraine is becoming increasingly dire. After a four-month offensive, the invading Russian army took control of the entire Luhansk province yesterday. An important partial success for the Kremlin.

One of the reasons for this: the continued blatant disarmament of the Ukrainian army. There is a shortage of not only heavy artillery, but also armored vehicles. Finally, the West responded!

“To move quickly in areas under enemy fire, armies need armored vehicles. French Defense Minister Sebastien Licornu (36) said last week that France will therefore supply large quantities of VAB armored personnel carriers equipped with weapons. ”

The vehicles, as evidenced by the photos from Slovakia, arrived in Ukraine at the end of the week.

France is not alone! Great Britain, Estonia, Holland, Denmark, Canada, Australia – all countries supply Ukraine with Western-style armored vehicles.

Only the federal government hesitates again, not wanting to deliver any of its 1,000-plus armored vehicles from Bundeswehr stocks to Ukraine.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (57, SPD) has just claimed once again that Germany will “always act in close coordination with our allies” on the issue of arms exports.

The opposite appears to be true. This is now causing discontent in their ranks.

“In light of the massive Russian action in eastern Ukraine, it is urgent for the federal government to supply BMP or at least armored vehicles. France, the Netherlands, Canada and many other allies are already doing so,” Green MP for Anton Hofriter tells BILD.

Hofriter explains: “Russia uses artillery shells, the victims of which are many Ukrainian soldiers every day because they have no protection when moving from A to B. German armored vehicles, such as Marder, Fuchs or Dingo, can save countless lives here.” .

Even the toughest criticism of the government of Olaf Schultz (64, SPD) comes from Union defense policy spokesman Florian Hahn (48, CSU). One has to ask oneself whether the federal government’s refusal to deliver armored vehicles to Ukraine is “nothing but a gross negligent failure to provide assistance or is it deliberate”.

The fact that Chancellor Schultz declared that the delivery of German weapons was taking place “in close coordination with our partners” while Germany was one of the few countries that continued to refuse to deliver armored personnel carriers or armored personnel carriers to Ukraine “was really strange.”


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