Everybody Wants Anne Sophie: In ESC Love, In

Everyone wants Anne Sophie
With ESC Love, With Hoy “The Voice”

Your appearance at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest turns out to be a tragedy. In the end, Anne-Sophie had to go home without points for last place. Six years later, she is now trying her luck with The Voice of Germany. Lo and behold: it works!

It shouldn’t have been an easy walk for her – however she dared: singer Anne-Sophie Dormayer, better known as Anne-Sofie as an artist, spoke only with her voice in blind auditions for Pro7’s “The Voice of Germany”. to the jury.


The coaches of the current season of The Voice of Germany: Sarah Connor, Johannes Oerding, Marc Forster and Nico Santos (from left to right).

(Photo: Photo Alliance / dpa / ProSieben)

She totally convinced the quartet on the red chairs. Sarah Connor and Nico Santos hit the bell just a few seconds later. Marc Forster and Johannes Oerding followed suit.

tears flowed

Moving to tears, Sophie Anne accepted warm applause and enthusiastic comments from the coaches. “Anyone who gives a performance like this from a standstill and starts the whole business can sometimes cry a little shivering,” Sarah Connor perfectly understands.

The only woman on the coaching team knew – to the chagrin of her jurors – how to get Ann Sophie on her side. After a joint performance with the candidate, the decision was quickly made: Anne Sophie joined the team of Sarah Connor.

second after Vienna

31-year-old Anne-Sophie represented Germany in 2015 with the song “Black Smoke” at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Vienna. She secured participation in a national preliminary decision, as she originally voted only for the television audience in second place. Since Andreas Kommert, the de facto winner of the initial decision, waived his participation in the ECOSOC in front of the cameras, Anne Sophie automatically stepped forward in his favour.

Fun fact: Kümmert actually participated in and won the third season of “The Voice of Germany” in 2013. With this success behind him, he seemed predestined to represent Germany in the Economic and Social Council. Anne Sophie, on the other hand, is the first artist to have now taken the opposite path – from the ESC international stage to the cast’s show “The Voice”.

“Am I on stage, right?”

Anne Sophie’s appearance at ESC 2015 was not a lucky star. She had to go home in last place with no points. “It wasn’t that easy, it hurts. It took me three years to go to auditions again and I still doubt every day if I’m good enough,” she says later.

Before appearing on the show, she said that she is looking on “The Voice of Germany” for confirmation that “I know I’m on stage.” You should now have received this in full.

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