Events, Birthdays, Days of the Dead – Calendar Page on Thursday, March 17, 2022

Berlin. Current Calendar Page for Thursday, March 17, 2022: What Happened Today, Who Was Born, Who Died? At a glance at events.

Calendar Sheet: Thursday, March 17, 2022

  • 11th calendar week, 289 days until the end of the year
  • The fish indicates the star
  • Name Date: Gertrude, Johannes, Patrick

History: What happened on March 17?

Looking back at history sharpens the view of the present. What events took place on March 17?

2021 – Prime Minister Mark Rudd’s right – wing Liberal VVD party wins 34 of the 150 seats in the Dutch parliamentary elections. By the end of September he had agreed to resume coalition talks with his previous government partners, the left-liberal D66 and the two Christian parties. The new government will take office on January 10, 2022.

2017 – The city of Cologne lays the foundation stone for a new 80 80 million building for its archives. The old archive collapsed in March 2009 while digging the mine.

1992 – German astronaut Klaus-Dietrich Fleet embarks on a space shuttle with two Russian colleagues aboard the Soyuz TM14 spacecraft.

1992 – In a referendum, the majority of whites in South Africa speak out in support of reform and the end of apartheid.

1972 – Dirk Rosemann opens the first self-service pharmacy in Hanover, Germany.

1957 – Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay flies from Cebu to Manila, killing 22 people on board.

1934 – Italy, Austria and Hungary adopt closer cooperation in “Rome Protocol”. Through this Italy gained influence in the Danube region.

1804 – Friedrich Schiller’s play “Wilhelm Tell” is screened at the Weimar Court Theater.

1525 – A radical reformer, Thomas Muntser, gathers peasants and townspeople at the “Eternal Council of God” in Mulhausen (Thuringia) after the rebels overthrow the city council. They vow to fight uncompromisingly against the old faith and representatives of the feudal system.

March 17 is the birthday of celebrities

Who was born on March 17?

1982 – Ella Paul (40), German musician and actress, singer and founding member of the Wonderwall pop band

1967 – Billy Gorgon (55), American singer and musician, lead singer of the group Smashing Pumpkins

1957 – Walter Meyer (65), former Austrian cross-country skiing and biathlon coach, focuses on doping involving the Austrian cross-country skiing and biathlon team at the Olympic Winter Games in Turin.

1949 – Patrick Duffy (73), American actor, television series “Dallas” (1978-1991), “A Strong Family” (1991-1998), “The Bold and the Beautiful”

1942 – Monica Wolf-Mathis (80), German politician, trade unionist and manager, president of the Public Service, Transport and Transport Association (ÖTV) 1982-1994, EU Commissioner for European Regional Assistance 1995-1999

March 17 is Memorial Day

Who died on March 17?

2002 – Louis Rinser, German author (books “Mitte des Lebens”, “Daniela”, “Mirjam”). Born in 1911, he was nominated for the federal presidency in 1984 (nominated by the Greens).

1992 – Jack Arnold, American film director (science fiction and fictional films such as “Tarandula”, “The Mouse That Roared”), born 1916 (born 1912 according to other sources).


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