Europa League: Leverkusen lose in the 16th round at Bergamo – Sport.

Europa League: Leverkusen lose in the 16th round at Bergamo – Sport.

Four days after the bitter end of the Florian Wirtz season, the Europa League issue was settled out of court for Bayer Leverkusen. Coach Gerardo Zion’s team lost 0-1 (0-0) in the 16th second leg round against Atlanta Bergamo on Thursday. Without the young star Wirts, who will be out for several months after a cruciate ligament injury, the third-placed Bundesliga player would not have the attacking power to turn the first leg 2-3 in front of 19,871 spectators. Substitute Jeremy Boca (90 + 1) scored in extra time for Bergamo. For Bayer, who have been under pressure in the league, this is the fourth consecutive unbeaten match. The ambitious Rhinelanders also failed prematurely in the DFB Cup.

Bayer initially started the race to catch the attack. 1. Compared to the 0-1 draw against FC Köln, Zione responded to the serious injuries suffered by Wirtz and Jeremy Frimbang (Syndesmoseris). Moussa Diaby was the only XI on the attack – and the 22-year-old was the most notable player at the start. In the eighth minute, France’s Atlanta goalkeeper Juan Musso (8th) failed to score.

Ten minutes later the guests, who had to do without the injured Rafael Dolly, waited for the counter-attack. Half an hour later, Leverkusen controlled the game for the sixth time in Serie A table. Ruslan Malinowski tested Bayer goalkeeper Lucas Hrotecki with a weak shot (32 ‘) and Luis Muriel approached the lead (35’). The Leverkusen defense had to watch out for two goals in the first leg.

At this point Bayer had no speed in the opponent – and even the cleverness of the Wirtz who followed the game in the stadium. Bayer Bros. warmed up in shirts with the numbers of two injured players. During the game, the delegates around Amin Audley and Mitchell Baker had a hard time creating more chances. At the start of the second half, Diabi lost again due to Musso making a strong save with his foot (48 ‘). Leverkusen left the dressing room better, but the pressure phase did not last long. Zion responded in the 61st minute and made three substitutes. The game became a game of nerves. In the final stage, Bayer tried to attack the strong Bergamo defense. Boca shattered all hopes.

Eintracht Frankfurt draw 1-1 with Real Betis Sevilla

Martin Hinteregger, on the other hand, provided his club Eintracht Frankfurt with a last-minute goal of a long-awaited European tour. In the second leg of the Europa League against Real Betis Sevilla for the Bundesliga club on Thursday, as in 2019, with the goal he scored in extra time, the defender fought hard and won 1-1 (0-1, 0-0). , 25,000 spectators applauded the entry into the quarterfinals.

Borja Iglesias (90th) gave the Spaniards the lead, tying Frankfurt’s 2-1 victory in the first leg last week. The draw for the quarterfinals, represented by another German team with RB Leipzig, takes place on Friday afternoon in Nyon.

“Last minute Eintracht came back today,” Frankfurt coach Oliver Glasner told RTL. “It’s an incredible game. Great win,” Austria said, praising his compatriot and head-scoring Hindereger and crossover Philippe Costic: “How Philip brings the ball, how Martin throws it – it’s what sets us apart again today.”

Intract coach Glasner relied on the same starting eleven for the fourth time in a row, thus counting on eleven players to win 2-1 in the first leg. On the other hand, guest coach Manuel Pellegrini sent four new players to the pitch, replacing Claudio Bravo with 40-year-old Joaquin and Rui Silva on goal.

The changes initially had an effect because the guests determined the starting point and put more pressure on Frankfurt. It took the hosts almost a quarter of an hour to get the first chance – but it was hard right now. Chow performed brilliantly in Djibouti, with Anskar Knopf appearing free before the goal, but only scoring on the crossbar.

Suddenly Intract was in the game and turned the action into the opposite half. But the Hessians were not exactly ahead of the Andalucians. Again and again the last pass failed, so more chances were missed. After all, fifth place in the Spanish La Liga table did not let the hosts come to dangerous goals. Thus, no goal was scored during the break.

Like the first half, Sevilla started excited after the change but were unable to create a clear opportunity early on. Eintracht goalkeeper Kevin Trope only had to catch a long-range shot from world champion Nabil Fekir of France.

But Frankfurt also continued to be under attack. Unlike the first leg, Bettis’ defense was never shy. Even under standard conditions, the Glasner team did not create any danger – until the 63rd minute, Philip Costic’s free kick landed on the crossbar. Almost in response, Juanmi hit the ball with his head with an amazing save when Trap saved Indrakt from a setback.

Eintracht allowed a moment of inattention in the final minute, which was used by substitute striker Iglesias, who converted Sevilla 1-0 shortly before the end of regulation time. In extra time, Iglesias attacked Crossbrough again, before Hinterager Frankfurt advanced.


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