EU air bridge: the first planes carrying relief supplies have landed

Status: 02/26/2023 2:23 PM

About three weeks after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, planes have flown first aid supplies from the European Union to Damascus. More flights to the disaster area will follow.

Two planes carrying aid landed in the capital, Damascus, as part of a humanitarian air bridge for Syria. Among other things, they delivered tents prepared for the winter, accommodation equipment and heaters, as announced by the EU Commission.

This is the first flights of this type to land in Damascus, and more will follow. They deliver aid from EU camps in Dubai and Brindisi in Italy to residents – both in government-controlled and non-government-controlled areas.

Aid of ten million euros

According to information, a total of 420 tons of relief materials will be delivered through this air bridge. Of these, 225 tons, worth €1.1 million, come from EU stocks. In addition, Germany and 14 other European countries offered assistance after Syria activated the EU’s civil protection mechanism.

So far, the European Union has responded to the repercussions of the earthquake in Syria with humanitarian aid worth ten million euros. More than six million euros of this amount has been reallocated as part of ongoing humanitarian projects. 1,650 rescuers and 110 search dogs have been sent to support the work in Turkey. Rescue teams have now suspended their work.

Five medical teams from Albania, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain are still at the site and have already treated more than 4,000 people. 20 EU countries were to provide accommodation, medical equipment, food and clothing. The European Union provided 5.7 million euros in humanitarian aid to support the affected people in Turkey.

An international donors’ conference for the victims of the earthquake disaster, which killed more than 50,000 people, is scheduled for mid-March.


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