Amani says he will only pay the fine if he punishes Winhardt as well.
Image: dpa

The sentence was the culmination of years of controversy: Enisa Amani says the fine was imposed. The comedian is now threatened with imprisonment for refusing to pay.

According to her own statements, Enisa Amani faces up to life in prison for insulting Bavarian AfD politician Andreas Weinhardt. First, the appraiser was fined 1,800 euros, which he did not want to pay, so he was sentenced to 40 days in jail – an arrest warrant was issued against the thirty-seven-year-old, he announced. Twitter.

The legal battle between Amani and Winhardt has been going on for years. During the election campaign in September 2018, the latter accused refugees of HIV, scabies and DBC cases in his district, after which Amani described him on his Instagram account as a “bad racist” and “bastard” and classified his statements as provocative. . Andreas Weinhardt later complained of insulting the artist: “I feel personally hurt because Bastard Andreas Weinhardt is now suing Transtein,” the AfD politician told the Die Welt newspaper in March 2019. In addition, he had sent her a notice of dismissal. “Mrs. Amani accuses her (sic!) Videos of making false statements. So I feel compelled to take action against it, ”Winhard Die Weld told the newspaper.

Enisa Amani said on her social media channels on Monday that she had no problem with the sentence. As stated in the 17-minute-long video on Instagram, Amani considers his fines to be “relatively low” because one has to pay for the insults. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Andreas Weinhardt’s report on refugees. In February, Transtein’s public prosecutor stopped the trial against Winhardt. Amani says he will only pay the fine if he punishes Winhardt as well. As a protest, she was ready to serve her sentence: “I want to set a precedent for that.”

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