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EM 2021: UEFA decides against DEB

EM 2021: UEFA decides against DEB

No penalty for German national team in EM 2021 due to Manuel Neurin’s infanticide!

The UEFA has completed its investigation into the German Football Association (DFP) because New York captain Rainbow was associated with the colors. (Results and Schedule of EM)

“UEFA stopped by announcing to the DFP the captain’s armor worn by Manuel Neuer on Sunday evening,” DFP said via Twitter: “In the letter, Rainbow Arbond is rated as a team symbol for diversity, thus a ‘good cause’.”

The UEFA asked itself whether the rainbow shield was a political symbol – according to the UEFA instrument regulations, “Any material covered by these Terms shall not be contrary to common dignity or morality or contain political, religious or racist content”.

Clear the DFB message: “We are colorful!”

Neuer wore the special captain’s armor during the first two group matches of the European Championship against France and Portugal, and the final warm-up match against Latvia. (All EM games in the conference ticker SPORT1.de)

The background to the campaign, among other things, is the “Pride Month” in June, in which the LGBTI community (LGPTI is the English acronym for German words: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender / transsexual and intersex; editor’s note) Proved their rights around the world.

Here you can download the PDF table for the 2021 European Football Championship and print it later

DFP spokesman Jens Gritner confirms UEFA probe SPORT1Question issued a clear statement: “It is true that the captain’s armor is being checked. We will discuss this with the UEFA as well. The rules state that you must wear the armor officially issued by the UEFA.

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Neuer wears the colors of the rainbow “as a symbol and as the team’s clear commitment to diversity, openness, tolerance and against hatred and exclusion. News: We are colorful!”

EM campaign against discrimination

The last German EM team match against Hungary on Wednesday (EM 2021: Germany – Hungary, from 9pm on Wednesday night. LIVETICKER) The Munich Stadium should shine in the colors of the rainbow – “a visible sign of solidarity with the LGBTI community in Hungary”, according to the Munich City Council’s cross-cutting plan. It must be submitted to UEFA at the beginning of the week.

Especially in Hungary, the rights of the LGBTI community are severely restricted. Only last week a law was passed in parliament aimed at further restricting the right to information of young people in the subjects of homosexuality and transgender.

The UEFA, on the other hand, launched a new campaign against discrimination in football before the start of the European Championship.

“It encourages a younger generation of great footballers to use their influence to stand up, take action against discrimination, raise awareness and encourage others,” UEFA President Alexander Seferin was quoted as saying. “For this reason we stand firm and use the global scope of Euro 2020 to maximize the impact of this campaign. Not only players, we must all be role models in the fight against discrimination.”

The UEFA is investigating the incidents in Budapest

On Sunday, the UEFA announced that it would launch an investigation into “discriminatory incidents” in Budapest, the venue for the Hungarian European Championship.

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According to eyewitnesses, homosexual and racist remarks were made during the Hungarians’ previous games against Portugal and France, and Hitler was worshiped.

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