Elizabeth II enjoys the show: Horses make the Queen happy

Elizabeth II enjoys the show
Horses make the queen happy

It is said that happiness on earth is on horseback. Queen Elizabeth II appears to be of the same opinion. Anyway, during a horse parade in the park of Windsor Castle, the 96-year-old was in a good mood.

It was her night. And this is exactly what Queen Elizabeth II can clearly see. The 96-year-old walked the red carpet that was rolled out for the occasion with a radiant smile. And later in her chest she was in a good mood, always clapping and full of energy.


She was already in the best mood on the red carpet.

(Photo: AP)

The event that dominated the grounds of Windsor Castle on Sunday evening was the conclusion of the Royal Windsor Horse Show at the Queen’s Residence. The five-day equestrian championship has been held since 1943 and is held every year. Against the backdrop of the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession this year, of course, it had a very special meaning once again.

With Helen Mirren and Tom Cruise

5,000 spectators greeted the king with a standing ovation. A show was performed with jockeys, military, and musicians from all over the world. One of the highlights was the appearance of actress Helen Mirren in the role of Queen Elizabeth I, who reigned from 1558 to 1603. The program was directed by no one but Hollywood star Tom Cruise.


Helen Mirren snuck into the role of Elizabeth I.

(Photo: AP)

Until shortly before the show began under the theme “An Enemy Through History”, it was not clear whether the Queen, who was in poor health, could participate in person. At the end, she arrived at the event in a car, and a guard of the Cavalry Guards cavalry unit followed her into the house.

Together with her youngest son, Prince Edward, she walked happily towards the royal chest. Although she supported herself on the now-known walking stick, she did not appear to be tied down then.

Blue dress, gray fabric

For her performance, the Queen opted for an icy blue sequined dress. In the light of the cool evening, she wrapped herself in a gray patterned cloth. She obviously had fun during the dressage and driving demonstrations.


For the Queen, the show could have gone on forever.

(Photo: Reuters)

Last week, Elizabeth II canceled her participation in the opening of Parliament in London. When reading the program of the government, heir to the throne Prince Charles represented her. This sparked speculation about her health.

But the horses seemed to make the king’s heart beat faster. This was also evidenced by the greetings the Queen sent about a month ago on her 96th birthday. In one photo, she proudly poses between two of her snow-white ponies. According to reports, she was “Bebek Katie” and “Bebek Nightingale”.


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