Elizabeth and her royal nostalgia

Four generations: The Queen on Thursday in front of Buckingham Palace with Prince Charles and Camilla (left), Prince William and Kate with Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte and Prince George.
Photo: Reuters

Marking the 70th jubilee of her accession to the throne, Queen Elizabeth II managed for a moment to reconcile deeply divided British society. The celebration combines wit and pomp, respect and irony.

yoOn Thursday, one only had to tilt one’s head back to realize the early relationship the Queen is creating in a divided British society. More than seventy Royal Air Force planes in their colorful patriotic formations flew over Buckingham Palace – and the cheer was massive. Hardly anyone complains, not even that part of society that otherwise grumbles about the waste of fossil fuels, especially in times of high energy prices, or about the glorification of the past, in this case the Battle of Britain. queen Queen Elizabeth II. Standing over the lowlands of the conflict. Its platinum memory allows for a slackening of reactions to everyday political and cultural struggles.

The British spend two bank holidays and a weekend to celebrate the Queen’s 70th jubilee. State acts such as the “Trooping the Color” parade or service at St Paul’s Cathedral are surrounded by pop concerts by international stars, but also many community events. More than 16,000 street parties have been approved by the authorities. Jubilee bowls, which cost up to eighty euros, and nearly all other special editions had been bought from porcelain makers before Thursday, even as the nation groaned under the weight of a “cost of living crisis”.


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