Election campaign with Obama: Biden fears democracy in the United States

Election campaign with Obama: Biden fears democracy in the United States

campaign with Obama
Biden fears for democracy in the United States

Pennsylvania could tip the scales in the upcoming midterm elections. The reason why former President Obama supported the Democrats in the election campaign. In Philadelphia warns of the dangers of democracy. According to Biden, this is “literally listed on the ballot.”

According to US President Joe Biden, the fate of democracy in the United States will be decided in the midterm elections on Tuesday. Biden said at a campaign event in Philadelphia that democracy is “literally on the ballot.” “This is a pivotal moment for the nation and we must all speak with one voice,” Biden said.

Speaking to thousands of people, Biden said voters are “faced with a choice between two very different visions of America.” Biden and the Republican Democratic candidates have described the party of the rich and emphasized their support for unions, Social Security and stronger abortion protections.

In addition to the current president, former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump have also traveled to the US state of Pennsylvania to support their party’s candidates at campaign events. Obama warned the Republican candidates that “truth, truth, logic, reason and the basics of decency are on the ballot.” There is a lot at stake. “The midterm elections are no joke.”

Since Pennsylvania is one of the few states that can determine the general balance of power between Democrats and Republicans, both sides have mobilized their greatest potential political celebrities.

Recent opinion polls show Republicans a wide lead in the House race. As in the past, a large majority is expected in the future Senate. Many important races, such as those in the states of Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, do not have a clear favorite.


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