Eating Without Salt: 3 Healthy Seasoning Alternatives

Eating Without Salt: 3 Healthy Seasoning Alternatives

This high salt consumption is not just caused by the over-salty of the prepared food. While many of us are very generous here too, most of the extra salt we eat comes in the form of processed foods. Very large amounts of salt are often added to it. So if you eat a lot of processed foods like sausages, frozen goods, or sauces, you’re consuming tons of salt without realizing or tasting it.

Too much salt in our food is so dangerous that The member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) announcedTo reduce the relative salt consumption of its population by 30 percent by 2025. Reducing this volume could prevent an estimated 2.5 million deaths annually from diseases related to excessive salt intake.

We can easily regulate our excessive consumption of salt ourselves. Instead of preparing our dishes with salty sauces or table salt, we can also use healthy spice alternatives that give dishes and foods the right motivation.

3 Seasoning Alternatives You Can Use To Easily Replace Your Salt

dried mushrooms

Dried mushrooms, whether finely powdered or coarsely chopped, are ideal for giving sauces and meat dishes full flavor. Depending on how spicy or mushroom you like it, you’ll need to adjust the dose. Combined with fresh herbs, the result is a great taste that you can easily replace with salt.


Although vinegar activates the taste receptors on our tongue, which are responsible for perceiving sour tastes, vinegar still works excellent as a salt substitute. When seasoning with vinegar, feel your way up slowly. The acidity of fruit vinegar, for example, is in perfect harmony with poultry as a seasoning. You can also use white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar for crunchy salads or sauces. Sometimes thickened balsamic vinegar goes well with delicious dark and hearty sauces.

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Tomato paste

When it comes to chutneys, pickles or curries, reach for tomato paste with confidence. Tomatoes have a unique refreshing taste, also known as ‘umami’. The word comes from Japanese and describes the taste and seasoning of food. Anything that tastes like umami, such as dried tomatoes and tomato paste, can give dishes a special flavor. Tomato paste is great as a seasoning paste for sauces and the like where you want to do without salt.


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