Eating french fries frequently increases the risk of depression

According to a new study, people who eat fried foods frequently have a Increased risk of anxiety or depression. This is especially true of fried potatoes, such as French fries or potato chips.

In the investigation conducted by Zhejian University of China published in the journal PNAS He was released, and Data from over 140,000 people It was evaluated over eleven years.

The result: overconsumption fried foods It increased the risk of anxiety by 12 percent and the risk of depression by 7 percent. Men and youth were the most affected.

The authors concluded that contained in fried acrylamide could be a reason. It occurs when food is prepared at very high temperatures. Researchers have found that acrylamide is associated with encephalitis-related anxiety and depressive behaviors.

Acrylamide is formed from the amino acid asparagine and sugars when starchy foods are roasted, baked, roasted, or fried. Next, conversion to glycidamide occurs in the body.

Researchers hypothesize that this substance can alter genetic material and cause cancer. Acrylamide is found not only in industrial fried foods, but also in home-cooked foods. Potato-based or grain-based products are particularly affected.

However, the causal relationship between acrylamide and anxiety and depression is inconclusive. People who suffer from anxiety and depression may be more likely to reach for fried foods. According to the authors, more studies are needed to clarify this unequivocally.


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