Dubai Airshow: Boeing showcases the interior of the 777X for the first time - and hits the brakes

The aircraft manufacturer is presenting its new long-range aircraft on a major stage for the first time – including the prototype’s inner workings. However, Boeing is still reluctant to use the 777X.

Boeing has chosen the Dubai Airshow for the international debut of the 777X. It’s no coincidence. The first aviation trade fair since the outbreak is currently taking place in the Gulf region. In addition, Emirates Airlines, the most important customer of the new model, is there.

However, the manufacturer appeared on The most important flight of the new long-haul aircraft First on the brakes. Head of Sales Ihsan Mounir and Mike Fleming, who is responsible for the 777X, explained that they are still at the trade fair in Dubai Don’t imagine a cargo version of the 777X will. You have to monitor your own resources, Fleming said, and therefore focus on adopting the 777-9, 737 Max 7 and Max 10 for now.

Emirates Airlines threatens Airbus A350

For the Boeing 777-9, the larger variant of the 777X, plans are still underway with the first deliveries in 2023, Fleming continued. With over 600 test flights and over 1,700 flying hours, it is very well on schedule. However, he also emphasized that the timetable depends on the international regulatory authorities. At their request, Boeing had to make changes to the flight control system, which the authorities have not yet approved.

At least at the beginning of the Dubai Airshow, Boeing has not yet succeeded in doing so Disgruntled 777X customers for the first time Emirates Airlines satisfy. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, its president, Tim Clark, said that due to the delay of the 777X, delivery of the ordered Airbus A350 could be preferred. Clark didn’t even want to rule out the possibility of a shift in orders.

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The 777X prototype is the star of the Dubai Airshow

Despite everything, the 777X was the star of the first day of the Dubai Air Show. Boeing hasn’t satisfied itself with the most impressive exhibition flight of a passenger jet. The manufacturer also presented the interior of the 777X test aircraft for the first time.

The device with registration number N7779XW is the first prototype. It has already made about 340 flights and has been in the air for 800 hours. Of a total of four test pilots, she was the one testing the extremes in flights.

In the gallery above, you can see photos from inside the Boeing 777-9.


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