DSDS – Foreign Memoirs: Chilblains, Sido and Five Star Dreams

DSDS – Foreign Memoirs: Chilblains, Sido and Five Star Dreams

DSDS – Call back abroad
Somersalts, Sido and Five Star Dreams

By Kai Butterweck

DSTS bear steps on the foothills of Italy! At the beginning of the overseas recall, the 25 candidates selected made the most effort. But not everyone goes to the next round. At the end of the first exam, four newcomers must begin their journey home.

“Apulia? Yes, cool, Apulia! But tell me, where is it really?” Shortly before departure in the direction of the foreign recall in “Deutschland Sucht den Superstar” (DSDS), many of the top 25 candidates who were excited and nervous struggled with their emotions and shrugged at the loss. It is good that the pilot at least knows where it is going: “I’m glad I was able to fly the first 25 places from DSTS to Italy,” sounds through the cabin.

At the very least, it is clear to even the last stranger what the famous choir is going to do. Summer, sun and good vibes are on the agenda! But beware! The jury, which comes up with the big picture at every turn, wants to give something to the five-star dream come true: “If you do not go at full speed, the journey will be over very quickly,” explains the design. Captain Florian Silperison.

Dancing, celebrating, eating deliciously

The whole team is waiting for the first choice - source RTL Stefan Gregorowius.jpg

Who is the “Superstar”? One of them.

(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

A good keyword on the whole throttle. The new Mediterranean deluxe home did not arrive, and candidates then tore it up. At the snazzy pool, people dance, celebrate and eat well. Aside from the many jokers who want to try their luck to the fullest, there are also some newcomers who are in the shaped tunnel before the first group meeting.

Rapper Mechito, for example, likes to be crammed into cerebral cido texts in a quiet little room: the acrobat smiles with the bearded word, “Let others celebrate, I did not come to the party.” Two rooms still upstairs, they were already focused, and Toby Gott, the bearer of the gold CD, “did not want to cheat”. Voice Miracle Emin already has his goal clearly in mind.

Applause from the scene during Somerset Pool fun


You can watch “Deutschland Sucht den Superstar” on RTL every Saturday at 8:15 pm. Even the show Available on RTL +.

“Herbergsmama” Arian is similarly concentrated. However, in the case of Buchanan’s Cuttlefish, domestic order and emotional support were high on the agenda. The circus brothers Gianni and Harry are also preparing for the upcoming missions with their own attention. While Harry handles the apple with a laugh, brother Gianni gets a lot of applause from the Somersault Pool fun.

Shortly before the first audition, everyone pulls together. Well-prepared, selected 25 original diamonds by voice trainers Kate and Jenna embark on a lifetime adventure. In a beautiful bay, on pebble ground and under the Italian sun, it’s about sausage. Eight groups sing and dance in the competition.

“This moment is not beautiful”

Billy Ocean, Pink, Katharina And The Waves, Harry Styles and Co. With summer chart sounds from the archives of, the candidates delighted the jury, who applauded with delight, but were also surprised by the large number of tourists. A group of rap-pop girls, three boys wearing Hawaiian shirts and a vintage trio on the fast track: those present are offered an entertaining pop potpourri, which is not desirable for shallow table pop art friends.

When the work is done, not all the protagonists return to the candidate’s villa with a smile on their face. For the ladies and gentlemen of Anna-Sophie, Daniel, Anna and Julia, the DSTS journey is already over after the first audition. “This moment is not good,” Florian Silperisen agrees. But at the end of the day there is only one winner. As always. And it will remain the same. 21 candidates still have a chance to make their superstar dreams come true. The wild karaoke ride continues next week. With this in mind: Raise the Vino glasses and Xiao, Xiao!


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