'Don't worry': Taliban militants give televised speech (video)
See the video: The heavily armed Taliban gives a TV title.

The presenter of the television special, Afghanistan TV, was damaged by heavily armed Taliban fighters when he appeared on the air on Friday. In his introduction to the program, he promised to investigate some allegations about the Taliban. Among other things, there is a claim that the Taliban will act differently than they will speak. In addition, they will treat residents poorly. Then a Taliban commander spoke, who was also present in the television studio. Nothing in these claims, he says: “We focus on people so that the country will prosper and live under the roof of an Islamic system. My first message to the nation is: Don’t worry. Stay and live in your country.” Your home and in your homes, your home needs you and we will protect you, God willing. We will try to create a safe atmosphere in all the provinces of Afghanistan so that people do not worry and do not fear the Mujahideen because they are our brothers and we protect them and with them we build the country.” The Taliban announced, which carried out public executions and prevented girls and women from studying and working 20 years ago when she was last in power, she would protect women’s rights and not carry out reprisals.However, there are great doubts about these commitments.

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