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US Open: Benzic and Teachman’s Duels on Live Ticker

US Open: Benzic and Teachman’s Duels on Live Ticker
With Swiss women’s tennis coming to a high point this summer, with Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka ending their careers due to injuries and ending slowly but surely. Switzerland has three players in the top 50, along with Benzic (WTA 12), Teachman (WTA 44) and Colbic (WTA 45). All three begin the final major competition of the year today.

The beginning of the Helvetic summer fairy tale was made by Victoria Golubic, who reached the Grand Slam quarterfinals for the first time at Wimbledon in early July. The Zurich woman continued her bull run at the Olympics in Tokyo, winning silver in the doubles with Belinda Benzik. For his part, Benzik finally kept his promise in the Japanese capital and won a big match. With the Olympic gold in the individual, he celebrated the greatest success of his life. No title, but at least Jill Deachman came to the final in Cincinnati when she only had to head to the final of World No. 1 Ashley Party.

“When everything comes together, a lot is possible. You never know, especially in women’s tennis.” According to Draw, East Switzerland should not be big on the road, at least for the first week. However, the 24-year-old from eastern Switzerland will be careful not to underestimate the easy tasks of his two-time Dutch opener Arantza Rus (WTA 69). In the first round, the goalie faced the world No. 7 Andrews in a very difficult place. (sda)

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